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From Rick, Kati's Dad

(Kati lost her battle in March 2004)

To all those who were ever touched by our Kati it is time to join together at least one more time.  It is time to get that much closer to finding a cure, that much closer to realizing Katiís dream. I am asking all of you to join us as we run with Kati at the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon in 2006.

Why San Diego 2006?  Well for those of you who never knew this part of Katiís story it all started in 2001.  Kati was the Team in Training honored teammate, and so very thrilled to be it.  The Make a Wish Foundation offered Kati a wish, mainly because of some work she did on a fundraising campaign for them.  Kati at first tried to give her wish to another child she had befriended at the hospital, but they told Kati her friend would be taken care of but she deserved one too.  Of all the places she could go the one place she wanted to be was with her team at their marathon.  Kati went to San Diego for the 2001 Marathon, and it was then and there she set her mind on running one.  The first one she would be old enough to do with Team in Training was San Diego in 2006.  So if we gather all those she touched Kati will be doing it right there with us.

Of course Kati wouldnít want you to run FOR her, but with her.   We will run with Katiís heart and let it fill us with her compassion and desire to help others.  We will run with Katiís spirit and let it fill us with her sense of every step being a joy that should be cherished.  We will run with her courage and let it fill us with the will to push further than we ever thought possible.

Most of all though, we will run with Kati, and run FOR those thousands yet to come that will need that cure she dreamed of.                   


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Rick and Kati Fisher are our Cyber Friends. We will meet Rick face to face for the first time in San Diego. Our angel Kati will be guiding us along the course.               Barry and Michele


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